Timesheet PHP Script

Each company needs a timesheet to record employee’s work hours. This website can do it for you. Creating a timesheet has never been so easy! It uses jQuery “Drag, Drop and Sort” feature to let you drag an item from a list, then drop to your compose area, then sort them if you want. You can also delete an item.

1. for users, there is a mobile friendly create timesheet page.
2. for managers, there is a review associates’ timesheets page.
3. for accounting department, there is a report page for exporting employee’s timesheet in csv, excel, JSON and pdf format. Then the accontant can do some analysis with the excel file or import the file into another website or database.
4. for CEO and management, there are dashboard and report pages. The dashboard page can show you the how many time is spent for each project. The report page can export timesheet report in excel, csv, JSON, and pdf format. 


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