Taxi application Android solution + Dashboard v3.0.7

A fully featured taxi application offering tools you might need to run an on-demand location based service. Using Websocket it does the bidirectional connection needed for such service fast and efficient.

Taxi application Android solution + Dashboard - 2

  • Wizard like UX for pickup point and destination selection
  • Select services with fees defined in back-end dashboard
  • Real-time location updates of driver during travel
  • Call between driver and rider
  • In app chat between driver and rider
  • Write review & score the trip
  • Use predefined coupons to get discounts on service fee
  • History of all in-app credit transactions available for driver and rider
  • See message sent by admin for promotional, news & etc. purposes
  • Add credit to in-app wallet
  • Pay the fee of travel with in-app credit or cash

Taxi application Android solution + Dashboard - 3

  • Switch between available & unavailable statuses
  • Requests shown as cards with some information about travel before accepting
  • Google Maps Powered API estimates travel’s fee by taking both best estimated duration & distance of travel into account
  • Cancel Travel before starting
  • In app chat between driver and rider
  • Request payment to bank account when it reaches a certain amount

Taxi application Android solution + Dashboard - 4

  • Dashboard Showing current online drivers and some statistics about platform’s state
  • Order Service Order a service by admin from dashboard and assign it to a pre-registered rider.
  • Drivers/Riders Showing details of drivers and riders
  • Travels Viewing and searching for travel details
  • Coupons Define new coupon codes that your users can use to get discounts on their travels
  • Promotions Send promotional messages to your users in order to increase engagement rate
  • Payment Requests Request of drivers for paying in app credit to bank account is shown and admin can select and mark them as done. This action will automatically reduce amount paid from driver’s credit
  • User Settings Defining and micro managing each users access to each part of app.


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