SportPress Pro v2.6.19 – WordPress Plugin for Teams and Athletes

Create a professional sports website for your team today. Fully automated tournament tables make it easy to understand that your league tables are always up to date. Several layouts give you the ability to control where and how to display events on your site. 

Designed for sports
No need to combine several plug-ins for the functionality you need, it’s all here. SportsPress Pro is the versatile sports club manager for WordPress. 

Developed with care
Intuitive software created by our most experienced developers. Imagine your sports website on steroids, without “ores” – 100% beautifully written code.

Save development time
SportsPress Pro saves you time by providing the tools you need to quickly and easily customize your site. All its functions work without problems. 

Create custom equations for your sport.
Choose one of the included presets or build equations for any sport. A simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to create your own equations and display advanced statistics such as lanes, games back and home / away entries. 


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