Shoptimizer v1.6.7 – the fastest WooCommerce Theme

Shoptimizer is a FAST WooCommerce theme that comes with many features designed to help you convert more users to customers. If you need a fast WooCommerce theme optimized for conversion and sales, you can only choose Shoptimized! 

You control
own and manage your own data with WooCommerce. In addition, with over 5,000 extensions, there are several ways to add additional features to your store. There are no restrictions when it comes to variations. 

The fastest e-commerce theme
Speed ​​is important – the delay even in milliseconds is equal to the lost orders. Studies have shown that even a one second delay is equal to a 7% reduction in conversion. This is real money for online business – speed has become a vital factor. 

Better SEO rankings
Organic search is a huge part of the efficiency of most enterprises, as well as an essential component of customer funnel and ultimately encourages users to complete the interaction. 


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