PS City Guide ( Directory/City Guide App For A City ) 1.1

Selected City with Categories, Sub Categories and Products Item Collections List Item Search and Filters Item Search with user current location Item Details User Favourite Item User Login, Register and Logout Facebook Login Multi-Language Support RTL Push Notification (FCM) Rating & Review

Android App Features
1) Selected City with Categories, Sub Categories and Products 
2) Item Collections List 
3) Item Search and Filters
4) Item Search with user current location 
5) Item Details
6) User Favourite Item
7) User Login, Register and Logout 
8 ) Facebook Login 
9) Multi-Language 
10) Support RTL
11) Push Notification (FCM)
12) Rating & Review
13) Comments By Users
14) Blog 
15) About App
16) About App
17) About Version Control

Backend Features

1) City Management 
2) Category Management 
3) Sub Category Management 
4) Item Management 
5) Item Collection Management 
6) Blog 
7) Item Comments Management 
8 ) Item Favourite Management 
9) Most Popular Items
10) Most Popular Categories 
11) Most Rated Items 
12) Sending Push Notification 
13) About App
14) App Version Control 


API Integration
1. Using RESTFul API for Data Transfer in between Mobile App & Backend


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