PHP Website and Domains Marketplace v1.6.1 – a platform for the sale of domains

Earn money by launching your own website for the sale of domains (similar to English Flippa, Sedo). Sit comfortably at your desk and watch the profit by charging for the ad. All on autopilot. Supports PayPal and Stripe payment systems (just enter your billing email address or API keys). 

Administrator Functions The admin
panel allows you to monitor ads, users, comments, fees, site name, logo and SEO.

Domain sale ads
The form contains a total of 10 tabs, each of which requests important information to attract attention and sales.


Apache with mod_rewrite enabled, php 5.3+ and mysql. Full domain or subdomain, no subfolders.


We believe that providing REGULAR UPDATES to our items is the key to customer happiness. We are listening and will constantly be upgrading this Flippa Clone based on OUR CUSTOMERS SUGGESTIONS

v1.6.1 – January 2019

– Added support for php7+ servers

– to ugprade, simply copy and overwrite upgrade-files/helpers/get_option_helper.php and set_option_helper.php into application/helpers/ folder.


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