Linkify v1.0.3 – Links Exchange System

How does it works ?

There are two type of users in linkify , First is publisher and second is sharer . Publisher adds the website from website/link from websites section and the link automatically converted into short link.

Sharer shares the link . Sharer can get the short links from short link section . Sharer will share the link and per the views received on the link , Points will be awarded to the sharer

The Points of the publisher will get deducted based on the views received on the site .


Link Exchange

Users can share each other links and generate views


Users can view the recent views received on their links


Users can report the other user . If they feel any fraudulent activity

Points Transfer

A user can e able to transfer some about of points to other user

Points Withdraw

A user can convert his points into cash and request for withdrawal


Paypal is integrated in order to handle payments

Can I Buy Points

Yes you can buy points using purchase points section . There are different type of pricing options available .

What is Premium Membership

A free user can add maximum of 3 websites if a user wants to add unlimited websites they need buy premium membership.


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