Grupo Pro v2.0 – Chat Room Script

Grupo is a use-friendly & easy to install-able JSON based PHP chatroom script with more than 110+ Features. Grupo chat rooms are equipped with security features that make hackers and spammers a thing of the past. No Flash, Java, or other browser plugins are needed to run your chat room. Easily create your own chat room without any knowledge of coding. The options and features in your chat room can be adjusted according to your preference. 

Recent Update in Grupo V2
BaeVox Support profile included in the Grupo V2 enabled ease of customer communication & faster resolution of issues if any at all. However, a recent customer raised security concerns over this special feature. We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service & support & would like to avoid such concerns in future. Therefore we have decided to remove this feature from all future installations. However, we will always be available over email.

Modified the following files

  1. gem/mine/grupo.php (Fixed Undefined Index Error)
  2. key/install.sql

Grupo V2 Features

  1. Secret Group
  2. Admin/Moderator only Group Mode
  3. Voice Messaging
  4. Attachment Preview (Video, Audio, Image)
  5. Draggable Preview Box
  6. Link Preview
  7. Send Gifs based on Tenor
  8. Invite Group via link
  9. Send invitations to People without Account
  10. Auto Delete Users
  11. Auto Unjoin Groups
  12. Load Group via Link
  13. Embed Group Chat
  14. Unsplash Slideshow (Signin Page)
  15. QR Code Generator
  16. Share Screenshot Directly (Print Screen)
  17. Cache System
  18. Cron Jobs
  19. User Name Color
  20. RTL/LTR Text Direction
  21. Custom Profile Cover
  22. Add Group Users Without an Invitation
  23. SMTP Authentication
  24. Typing Indicator
  25. Read Receipts
  26. Drag & Drop File Upload/Attachment
  27. Auto TimeZone
  28. Set Max Messages Per Load
  29. Infinite Scrolling
  30. 15+ Sound Notifications
  31. Turn On/Off Sound Notifications
  32. Enable/Disable Email Verification
  33. Easy Customizer
  34. UI Changes
  35. Read More Limit
  36. 10+ Fonts
  37. Welcome Screen
  38. Change Message Alignment
  39. Required & Drop Down Profile Fields
  40. Expand ChatBox/Hide Left or Right Side
  41. New Searching Method
  42. Converts emails to hyperlinks
  43. PHP 7.4 Support
  44. Change Font size via Apperance
  45. 24/12 Hour Time Format
  46. Added Search Option in Popup Form
  47. Enable/Disable Email Notifications
  48. Enable/Disable Google Analytics
  49. New Message Alert in Title Bar
  50. Sign in Page Modification
  51. Set Max Login Attempts
  52. Limit Send Message Character Count
  53. Restrict Sharing Links
  54. Show/Hide Languages
  55. Set Results per Load


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