Google Images v1.3 – Unofficial API

This PHP Script allows you to search into Google Images, show, save the resulting images and create thumbnails of the saved images, with a single API call and using just some lines of PHP code.

This WONDERFUL PHP Class work with Google Images to allows you EASILY to:

– Fetch Google Images
– Search and Find Image URLs by Keywords
– Immediately Print on Screen images found
– Save these images on your Website

– Batch Search & Save: Start Multiple Searches at Once and Save all the resulting images with one single Call!
– Parametrized Search: Work with Many Advanced parameters used by Google Images: Image Sizes, Image Colors, Image Types, Image Countries
– Save Images & Creates Thumbnails: Create a size-customizable Thumbnail every time the API save an Image. Works with Batch Searches too!

– Versatile: Let the PHP Class do all the work, or just output an array of URLs and compute it in the way that fit your needs.
– Easy to Use: You don’t need to mess with the Code. You just need some lines of PHP Code to make the script works fine!
– Well Documented: You can watch the full documentation for this script, code examples and a visual demo!

– “classes” : Contain the gimuapi.class.php file. It’s the only file you really need. Place where you want on your website.
– “documentation” : Contain the Documentation for the script.
– “examples” : Contain some practical example of the API behaviour.

– Look the “documentation” and the “examples”.
– When you understood and became confident with the script, copy the “classes” folder into your website or localhost.
– The other files are not needed to make this script works. If you need the documentation, keep them, otherwise you can delete them (i personally suggest to make a copy of the documentation for further use).
– Include gimuapi.class.php on your PHP pages and start working with it.


About Script Update and Technical Support

I will do my best to keep this API Up-To-Date and create new functionalities around it. Feel free to E-Mail & Send Comments to me reporting bugs, asking for new features, discussing about what I created. If you ask me to create some new cool feature i will glad to work on it and release an update as soon as possible :)

Is it Hard to Use?

No! You need some PHP knownledge to use these API, but it’s bloody simple. Imagine something like this:

$g = new Gimuapi(); $output = $g->search(‘apples’);

And you are done!! $output will become an array containing all image URLs. Sure…there are many settings and modes available, see documentation for more info.



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