Foodomaa v2.6.0 – Multi-restaurant Food Ordering, Restaurant Management and Delivery Application

Foodomaa 2.6.0 nulled is a multi-restaurant food ordering Nulled and restaurant membership system. It provides an admin dashboard, restaurant management system, delivery system, and a full-fledge Progressive Web App.

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Top Features Highlights

  • 1. Added Menu Categories Sorting Feature same as Store Sorting (Admin Panel > Dashboard > Stores > Edit > Sort Menu & Items > Sort Menu Categories)
  • 2. Added Item Sorting Feature same as Store Sorting (Admin Panel > Dashboard > Stores > Edit > Sort Menu & Items) 3. Added Multi-Role System (Admin can create custom roles and assign certain permissions to them) (Admin > Users > All Users > Manage Roles & Permissions)
  • 4. Improvement on Items Search on Customer Application when the store has a lot of items.
  • 5. Fixed Home Page Store Listing & Store Category Page – Store Listing Issue
  • 6. Fixed Clicking on Storeowner notification redirecting to Customer Application.
  • 7. Fixed Delivery guy not getting Push Notification when Order accepted by Admin or When Assigning Delivery Guy by Admin.
  • 8.Fixed Delivery Guy application Item Total Price Issue (for items that had multiple quantities)
  • 9. Fixed Delivery Guy Application Text Color in Light Mode.
  • 10. Fixed Zen mode Layout issue in Safari Browser.
  • 11. Fixed Splash Screen Cache Issue. (Showing Old Splash Screen even updated)
  • 12. Fixed Translations removing default language issue. (At least one needs to be set as Default)
  • 13. Added Controlled PWA installation with custom Message and Button to install app anytime.
  • 14. Optimized APIs for the Delivery Guy application. (2x-3x faster)
  • 15. Added Delivery Pin on View Order Page on Admin Dashboard.
  • 16. Major UI changes in the My Accounts section in the Customer Application.
  • 17. Native Share Store/Store item popup on supported devices.
  • 18. Added Advanced Server Stats.
  • 19. Added the Current Location Fetch button to the Location Selection Map page.
  • 20. Improvement in getting accurate address data from Google Places Search to Location Selection Map page.
  • 21. Improved Cart Page by showing addon prices if an item with addons is selected.
  • 22. Added Customers VAT/TAX number on My Account Page. If entered, it will be shown on the invoice.
  • 23. Added Flutterwave Payment Gateway.
  • 24. Fixed Item sold count issue for canceled order in Storeowner Dashboard.
  • 25. Added Vegetarian/Non-vegetarian/None marks.
  • 26. Fixed for Completed orders, not to show “Amount remaining to be paid” on the My Orders page in the Customer Application.
  • 27. Added back the Ban user function on Edit User page on Admin Dashboard (was removed in 2.5)
  • 28. Added Marking Stores as favorite on Customer Application.
  • 29. Added Popup to confirm before clearing the cart when adding items from different stores.
  • 30. Added Delivery/Self-pickup choose options on Cart page if the store supports both.
  • 31. Added On the Registration page in the Customer Application, non-editable country code field.
  • 32. Improved Delivery Pin is now only numeric code (5 digits)
  • 33. UI improvements in Admin Dashboard.
  • 34. Added MSG91 DLT Template ID for Indian users (Admin > Settings > SMS Settings > MSG91)
  • 35. Image Mandatory removed for item image for both Storeowner & Admin Dashboard.
  • 36. Improved UI in Cart Page.
  • 37. Improved UI for Login & Registration Page.
  • 38. Improved UI in Items page.

Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways
  • Stripe 3D Secure with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)
  • Stripe iDEAL payment for Netherlands
  • Stripe FPX payment for Malaysia
  • Cash On Delivery payment
  • MercadoPago payment for Brazil
  • PayStack payment for Africa
  • RazorPay payment for India
  • PayPal payment gateway
  • PayMongo payment for Philippines

Introduction Foodomaa Swiggy Clone Delivery App

Foodomaa is built with a mobile-first approach keeping user experience, conversion optimization, and high performance intact. It is built with React which is adequately served by a Laravel API.

The most amazing feature of Foodomaa is, it can be installed on any device running Android or iOs.You can install this on your PC Chrome Browser.

Foodomaa includes high-end features like Lazy Loading, Progressive Image Loading, Content Placeholder Loading, Bulk CSV Upload, Advance Settings Management, Advance Coupon System.


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