CloudOnex Business Suite v4.0.2 – CRM System

CloudOnex Business Suite is a CRM system with a beautifully designed user interface. Software that works for your business! Find innovative ways to manage customer data, communicate with the customer, find out your business flow, net value, send an invoice to the customer without any problems with a one-click payment reminder, payment confirmation and paid online connection to payment gateways. 

Note: When you are installing and there is an error on any point of the isntallation click ok and click submit again installation will continues 

 CloudOnex Business Suite Features
Built-in flexibility
Scaling, introduction of new business models. The flexibility of our business package allows you to do everything quickly and easily. You can use it for any type of business, any industry. If you do not need any function, you can simply disable it in the settings. Currency, language, time zone, everything can be changed in the settings. It does not work, there are no references to copyrights, there is no license validity period, this is yours. 

Sales – Managing invoices, orders, offers
Sending invoices to customers is only the beginning, the billing system is also related to your bookkeeping, transactions. You can track your income from bills. Also let your customers pay you online and on the spot. 

Track your income and expenses
It is now easy to organize business finance in one place. Instantly learn how your business works, make smarter business decisions with instant access to key financial data, including income, expenses, unpaid bills and more. 

Create deeper relationships with your customers.
Our innovative solution gives you the fastest and most complete way to deliver. your clients to the center of everything you do. It makes you more productive, and your customers happier. 

Multifunctional and accessible software for customer support
Track conversations with customers, in addition, you can integrate the support system into your existing website, software, solution through an API. Save time, simplify customer support.

Email and SMS Marketing
Create long-term relationships with meaningful email conversations with your customers. Create predefined email templates, send notifications to your customers about your new product or service. 

Manage your products and services
No matter what industry you work in and what products or services you offer to customers. You can manage it, create orders, track goods, sell online to customers.



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