Bootstrap Social Network v2.0 – social network script

Bootstrap Social Network is a script with which you can create a social network on your website. This script is ideal for creating a large dating site or a small community. Beautiful and simple interface, fast structure, system of protection against external attacks, adaptive design for all devices. 

Simple and easy registration allows you to quickly add new users to your site, a well-thought out system of error protection, will warn the user when entering incorrect data or their absence. The code below allows you to protect the site from automatically creating an account to ensure that it is registered for a living person.

You have the ability to add photos. Photos are added in html5 format and allows you to upload multiple photos at the same time. On the uploaded photos, a tape is formed on your page that can be reused. Since there is a separate section where you can view all the photos. Photos open in a pop-up window that allows you to scroll through the photos. Anyone can leave a comment on the photo. 

You can make friends with anyone. To do this, send a request to a friend and wait for confirmation of this application. All incoming and outgoing requests will be displayed in your friends. 

If you want to have a good time and socialize in the company,in the news section there is a General chat. In this section you can communicate with many people. There is a personal communication. During a personal conversation with another person, no one will see your conversation, except for you. 



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