Bets Odds Combinations PHP Script

Bets Odds Template, is html and php template, connecting with your MySQL database. Is a clean and minimal website template. The site canvas is fully mobile-ready, powered by Bootstrap Framework. The template contain 7 html pages. Is made with bootstrap v4.0.0. Contains also html, css, js, jquery files, two sql files. The sql files are: bets_odds.sql (this are the sql bets odds table), bets.sql (the bets odds combinations table). You are able to create different combinations of bets odds with the results. All the results are inserted into database. The table displays how many results was for the combination between bets odds. The “Counter” count the number of combination for 1,x,2. This is made by the all element from one line from table. The results are displayed from database from table “bets”. 


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