Anonymous v2.2 – Secret Confessions

Anonymous “2019” is the script par excellence, allowing you to enter completely secret stories, stories, cries or confessions, anonymously. The user can still register but the secret will remain anonymous. Many sections, such as the most voted, the most popular or the least voted.

The user can monitor his profile, manage his information or check his posts. Users can post comments.

There is a complete administration area where you can manage some site settings such as, name, description, post by page, the minimum value to show the various badges, the change of background, in addition the gestures of secrets, users and comments.


  • It is installed in just 10 minutes, it is very simple, intuitive and fast!
  • Fully responsive!
  • Sending stories and anonymous stories
  • Different layouts (light blu, pink, blue, gray dark, indigo, dark, green, red ecc)
  • Registration and login
  • User area, profile, my stories, edit account
  • User avatar from a selectable catalog, you can change them as you wish
  • Voting for stories
  • Comment on the stories (with funny reactions)
  • Points system (commenting and inserting stories)
  • Cute badges in the profile (1000+ comments, or 100+ stories)
  • Popular section
  • Most Likes section
  • Worst section


  • Site title, description, result per page ecc
  • Story Management (active, disactive, edit and delete)
  • User Management (active, disactive, edit and delete)
  • Comments Management (active, disactive, edit and delete)
  • Change Color Theme

Any advice on how to use it?

Our advice is to use the script to create a site that allows your users to enter their secrets, stories about bad figures, stories of ex-boyfriends, stories at school and many other issues.


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