Android Place Finder (Near Me,Tourist Guide,City Guide,Explore Location, Admob with GDPR)

Place Finder is a GPS locator that search local areas in the simplest way. It ensures areas where you want to go namely Restaurant, ATM, Bank, Doctor, School, Shopping Mall, Groceries, Holy places, Airport and many more.

App Features

#Near by Place

Place finder helps to find out the shortest and easiest way to locate traveling time between two placements. The distance can be measured by kilometers.

#Detail Page

The page display with full details in particular phone number, websites, about us, directions, address and many more.


The category namely School, Doctor, Banks, ATM, Food, Parks and miscellaneous can be search.


Viewing and organizing your various multiple photos.

#Comments and Rating

Login in should be used, as you do commenting. For the selected place, user can provide 1 to 5 rating.


“By search place”, you can locate wherever you desire.

#Navigation View

Navigation View are modal elevated dialogs that come from the start/left side.

#Share Place

This app makes it easy to share your near by places on social media.

#Easy to use

It is spruce and so it is user amiable.

#Push Notification

You can send push notifications to all app users easily from admin panel.

#RTL Supported

RTL means right to left. This app automatically mirror when the user switches the system language to a right-to-left script (such as Arabic, Hebrew, or Persian).

#Secure API

User-granted permissions to restrict access to system features and user data.


You can obtain money through Admob ads Integrated(Banner/Interstitial).


GDPR will strengthen data protection measures of enterprises and empower them and their customers, if followed in the right word and spirit.

What You Get once you purchase the source code ?

  1. Full Android Source Code
  2. Full PHP Code for Admin Panel
  3. Full Documentations with Screenshots
  4. PSD Design
  5. Lifetime Free Updated Source Code

11 May 2019

- New UI of app
- Add Security For More Secured API Calls
- Add User can make Rate with Review
- Add Place Gallery Multiple Images
- Add Near By Places with Distance Limits
- Add Latest, All Places, Setting Screens
- Add Firebase analytic
- Remove google map and add google map default app redirect location
- Document update


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