Airlines – Cabin Crew & Air Parts Management System

Airlines Is Easy to use Flight, Cabin Crew & Airparts Management software Developed with PHP Laravel for companies of all sizes. This software is designed to fulfill the needs of Aircraft. effectively Included: Aircraft Management, Air Parts Management, Air Crew Management, Route & Others..

Key Features:

☵ Responsive Design.
☵ Secure Login.
☵ Informative Dashboard.
☵ Aircraft Management.
☵ Air Parts Management.
☵ Expired Parts List.
☵ Used Parts List.
☵ Crew Type Management.
☵ Total Crew Listing.
☵ Flight Route Management.
☵ Aircrew Management.
☵ Route Management.
☵ Crew Route Management.
☵ Total Fly Report.
☵ Notice Board.
☵ Route Chart.
☵ Auto Notification Alert Bar.
☵ System Settings.


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