Affiliate Management System v4.0.0.4

Affiliate-Pro SaaS script gives you the ability to track sales, clicks, and so many actions that you need to track on your site/store and share the commission with your affiliates.

Affiliates can share your products&services and when sales record from affiliate link then a commission auto record in affiliate wallet. same for services, leads, clicks, actions.

Affiliate-Pro SaaS script gives you the ability to allow your affiliates to be your vendors and integrate their own site&store and share it with all system affiliates and increase the sales on their own site. From this option admin also can earn a fee for every vendor activity.

The script comes with full E-Commerce where you can upload your items for sale and share with affiliates to increase your sales by sharing a commission for sale and product clicks.

So many features like PostBack, Recurring, Language manager, currency manager, and more are in our advanced script.

Affiliate script comes with a membership module that allows the admin to charge his users by using the system and so many other features that can be read here on our item page. 

What is important to know that we are adding so many new features every month and for free, so all clients can use our script and it will cover almost 100% of business out there for help and growth!


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